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04 September 2007 @ 04:05 pm
Eighteen days until Book 3: Fire. I was excited to find that the Nicktoons network was replaying Season 2. Unfortunately it was like really, really late. Oh well. I'm happy that the search function is working for me again at FF.Net. That should make finding Sues slightly easier.

Title: A Cinderella Story
Author: Mysticdark1


Full Name: Sakura Sohma / Saki
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Unusual Markings: None mentioned.
Special Abilities: None mentioned
Special Possessions: A laptop.

A kingdom. It was never really specified, but I think it's the Fire Nation
Connections to Canon: Zuko's online buddy for the past two years.
Sakura (Mysticdark1) and Zuko (BlueSpirit16) are chatting online about Sakura attending the exclusive Yatsubada High School and meeting for the first time. Sakura's stepmother then orders her to make her some coffee. Sakura logs out and goes downstairs. She, her stepmother and her stepsisters, Lulu and Cece, gather around the television for information on Prince Zuko and his rumored romance with Mai Apathi. Zuko denies ever being remotely interested in Mai and Cece and Lulu rejoice that Zuko is now available. Sakura utilizes this moment to tell her stepmother she's been accepted to the exclusive school. When her stepmother objects, saying she won't pay for it. Sakura replies by telling her she has a scholarship. Her stepmother still says she cannot go. A few days later, while talking to Zuko online again, Sakura tells him that she finally convinced her stepmother to let her go. The two talk about how nervous they were about meeting eachother and then about how much they hate their siblings. Sakura receives her schedule for her classes and learns she will be sharing a room with June Bounty and Katara Hakoda. She's told that she will have to work with the nurse since she is there on a scholarship. She asks the woman giving out the schedules if the campus has a Prince Zuko Club. The woman says 'no' and reminices about the Prince Azulon, Prince Iroh and Prince Ozai clubs that used to be at the school. As Sakura is leaving, she bumps into Zuko, who agrees that it was her fault and walks off to let her pick up everything she dropped. June begins to make fun of Sakura's gawking and pokes fun at her for wanting applications for a Prince Zuko Club. Sakura explains that the applications were for her stepsisters, who are now attending the school on tuition. Azula demands that Zuko give her his laptop so she can talk to the Teen Today magazine about an interview. Zuko tells her he needs it and she asks if he is "sexually connected" with it. Zuko then stalks off, past the screaming fangirls and to his dorm only to find Aang, a 12 year-old freshman, trying to get into his dorm. Zuko tells Aang to leave, since he has his own dorm. Sokka shows up and tells Aang that they are in the dorm next door with Jet. He and Zuko exchange insults and go their separate ways. Sakura and June arrive at their dorm and find Katara hanging a poster of Prince Zuko and Princess Azula on the wall next to her bed. June says that she and Sakura will get along just fine. Finding that BlueSpirit16 wasn't online yet, Sakura turns on the television and finds out that Prince Zuko has gone out with Mai Apathi and that Azula may have a boyfriend. Cece and Lulu burst into the room after an argument about how much of a jerk Zuko is. They demand they're Prince Zuko Club applications only to find out Sakura doesn't have them. They decide to start they're own club so that they can be the presidents. Sakura is then told she will have to work for her stepmother and maybe get payed for the job. Jun gets upset, after the twins leave, since the coffee shop she works at was sold, most likely to the stepmother. Sakura ignores her since BlueSpirit16. Jun then asks Katara if Sokka is rooming with Jet. Katara says yes, but reveals that she is seeing him.

Notes: This story plays out like every bad Cinderella movie I have seen. Of course it's based off that Hillary Duff flick, but I can see "Just Ella" in there as well, especially with the creepy fangirls. Also, what's with the awful last names? I can only hope Aang, Jet, Zuko and Azula's are never mentioned. I can imagine it now... "Aang Avatar", "Zuko and Azula Fire" and "Jet Freedom-Fighter". The online bits are especially awful. It's all in chatspeak. Ugh, chatspeak. Saki has to be one of the worst nicknames ever. It makes me want sake rather badly.


“You watch where you…” but Sakura stopped at mid sentence for she was staring right into Prince Zuko’s handsome but scarred face.

“I am so sorry, it was completely my all fault” said Sakura

After Prince Zuko picked up his stuff he replied by saying “Yes, it was entirely your fault” and walked away.

Sakura stood there for moment with her mouth hanging open but closed it as she heard someone laughing behind her. She turned around to see a pretty young girl with long black hair.

“I can’t believe it” she said “Its the first day of school and already people are gawking at the prince”

“I wasn’t gawking”

“Then what do call this” She imitated Sakura with her open mouth and making Sakura go red and then the dark haired girl mimicked her“‘I am so sorry, it was completely my all fault’”

“I just wanted to give him respect”

“Respect, he totally dissed you, I would have slapped him”

“I am sure he is not that bad” said Sakura in a small voice

“Coming from the girl who wanted to join Prince Zuko Club, and don’t try to deny it I was right behind” said the dark haired girl “Anyways, you left your schedule and oh yeah my name is June Bounty”

“My name is Sakura Sohma and hey, you are my roommate”

“I guess so” sighed June as she checked her schedule paper “Another year with a Zuko fanatic”

“Okay listen” said Sakura getting a little agitated “I think that Zuko is cool and all but I am not that crazy, I was trying to get those applications because my stepsisters wanted me to get it for them”

Yes, its true Cece and Lulu were indeed going to attend Yatsubada high. Kara told her right when Sakura thought she was free from them. Apparently Kara bought a coffee shop near Yasubada and they decided to move there and have Cece and Lulu attend the school (paying tuition of course).

“Okay, okay chill. I was just joking” replied June “Now lets go to our dorm”


After Zuko bumped into that girl, he walked out of the cafeteria and out of the school building and towards the dorms. The school was very big and that’s how Zuko liked it.

It had the main building where all classes take place and to the far left (behind) of the building near a hill is the gym and the locker rooms and right by is the track field and other game fields. This is where Zuko spend most of his time, either playing football with his friends and team or lifting weights in the weight room.

To the far right behind the main building, is a big lake and on its bank is a large building which happens to the boys dorms, on other side of the lake is the girls dorm.

As Zuko walked towards the boys dorm someone called out his name and he turned around to see that it was his sister, Azula.

“What do you want?” he asked as she neared him

“You are so rude Zuzu” she replied with a smirk “I need your laptop, so give it to me”

“No, what happened to yours?”

“Long story, but I need yours right now; I need to talk to Teen Today magazine about my interview”

“No, I got something more important to do on my laptop, so now if you excuse me”

Zuko started to walk away when she shouted “You are such an asshole!!! Are you like sexually connected with your laptop? I mean you are always with it”

Zuko kept walking but Azula continued “Hey Zuzu, I heard that some girl was looking for a Zuko Fan Club, I told her that I would get her your autograph so don’t disappoint”

Zuko still kept walking but stopped when he felt something hard hit him on his head and turned around to find out that Azula threw a rock at him.


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Zillian: dumbrobot_mule on September 5th, 2007 10:19 pm (UTC)
much they hate they're siblings

Um... I think it's their siblings. Unless you're referring to one of the Sue Authors mistakes. Whatever then.

...The names are silly. Even though I do like: Mai Apathi. I's make everything okay.

I can only be grateful they used a Sue instead of one of our real characters.
(Anonymous) on September 5th, 2008 07:51 pm (UTC)
i thought i dialogue was little funny like the interactions between zuko and sokka