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02 September 2007 @ 05:00 pm
20 more days until the Season 3 premiere. I'm really curious as to what type of stories will be coming. A good chunk of the Pit seems to be just Zutara stuff or "My version of Season Three! :D" these days. I can only wonder what kind of batshit is around the corner.

Title: Fire Lady Kiva
Author: Writer2TheEnd


Full Name: Kiva, Galeia and Salem.
Species: Kiva: Human / Firebender
Galeia: Human / Firebender
Salem: Human / Firebender
Hair: Kiva: Not mentioned. Probably black.
Galeia: "raven-black"
Salem: "raven-black"
Eyes: Kiva: Not mentioned. Probably amber.
Galeia: "flashing amber"
Salem: "flashing amber"
Unusual Markings: Galeia and Salem are identical twins, even though they're brother and sister. "Flashing amber eyes" are pretty unusual too. Kiva has two long gashes on her right arm.
Special Abilities: Kiva has a magical singing voice.
Special Possessions: The real Zuko tied up somewhere. The Fire Nation, an elephant topiary, a bearded kitten named Zerra, "a prophecy and a young man's heart" and everyone's personality in a jar.

Origin: Fire Nation for the twins. Not mentioned for Kiva, but she's probably from the Fire Nation as well.
Connections to Canon: Kiva is Zuko's wife and Galeia and Salem are their groin-spawn.
Kiva and Zuko return from their honeymoon and settle into the Fire Nation palace. Kiva gets lost in the palace while looking for the rest room, after that, she searches for her room. When she finally finds it she begins to sketch with coal. Zuko comes in and asks how she is enjoying the palace. She complains that it's more confusing than city streets, causing him to burst into a fit of laughter. The next day, Zuko informs her that she has a conference with the press. Kiva does a quick change and the two head off to the conference. They are greeted by councilmen, paparazzi and, of course, fans. Kiva takes her time to reflect on how she's used to having fans who end up ripping her clothes off. During the interview that takes place, it's revealed that Kiva is a peasant who had some prophecy bestowed upon her. After the conference, Zuko informs her that Haru has been named Bumi's successor and will rule the "earth nation" someday. They then discuss the prospect of having children. Kiva tells him she's ready and they go to bed. The next morning, Kiva writes a letter to Katara only to receive one soon after from her. Katara's letter says she's getting married to Haru in Omashu in two weeks and she wants Kiva to be her maid of honor. Haru apparently would like Zuko to be his best man at the wedding as well. Zuko  is a little wary, considering that they are firebenders. Kiva finall convinces him and they decide to leave the next week.  Meanwhile Katara anxiously awaiting a letter from Kiva, whom she hasn't seen in eight and a half months. Haru delivers a letter to her. They  read it and learn that Kiva is pregnant and will be having a baby the next month. She also says that she's mad at Zuko for constantly guarding her and excluding her from peace meetings. Excited, Katara scolds Haru for wondering how news of their engagement spread to the Fire Nation. Back at the Fire Nation palace, Kiva is playing with her kitten, Zerra, when her water breaks. She sends the kitten to go fetch Zuko for her. When Zuko arrives she tells him she is giving birth. Katara is once again frustrated with Haru as he is trying to decide a present for the baby. They end buying both in the end. Sokka and Aang appear and they all climb on Appa and are off to the Fire Nation. Meanwhile, Kiva is pushing . After the first is out, the doctor goes to congratulate her, but Kiva continues to push, telling  him that there is another in there. Three minutes later, out pops the second baby.  Kiva decides to name the girl "Galeia" and Zuko names the boy "Salem". After four days on Appa, the GAang and Haru land on a newly built flying bison landing pad. The greet Kiva, who is resting in her chamber, and chat until a nurse comes in to inform Kiva that her babies won't stop crying, no matter what the nurses do. The babies are brought to her and she sings a Leanne Rimes song that was in "Quest for Camelot". The children soon fall asleep. Cut to when the children are five years old. When it is time for bed they request Kiva to sing their favorite song... "Burning Love" by Elvis Presley. When she concludes, the children and Zuko are estatic, that is until one of those pesky servants arrive. She informs them that Admiral Zhao wants an audience with them. Kiva tells Zuko that Zhao is her enemy. Zuko presses the matter until Kiva explains the situation to him. She says she used to be a thief and that Zhao caught her once and then tried to rape her. Zuko then resolves to kill Zhao. The twins had been overhearing this and call the fully grown Zerra  to help. They find Zhao about to hit a servant who was telling him that the royal family would not see him. The twins tell Zerra to attack. Zerra pounces and claws  and bites Zhao while dodging the fireballs  he's throwing. As Zhao was being arrested  for whatever reason, Galeia tells him to never visit them again. Zuko catches the two laughing about the matter and appears to be very cross about it. However, he exclaims how proud he is of them and gives them a hug. Kiva arrives and tells them that they are going to go and visit the GAang and Haru since it had been five years since they had seen them last. Katara decides not to leave the children with Iroh this time. Zuko is waiting for Kiva so he could start his peace meeting. When Kiva arrives, it isn't a peace meeting, but a "family reunion" with Sokka, Suki, Katara, Haru and Aang. Galeia tackles Sokka for calling her a munchkin and soon everyone is in a dog pile with Kiva on the bottom. In ordr to get everyone off of her, she sings a high pitched note. That night, the kids find their way into Zuko and Kiva's room. They had accidently burned a hole in their beds. Zuko and Kiva decide that it is time for them to start their training as firebenders. The twins are then put to bed again. Salem returns and asks why peace between the nations are so important. Kiva explains how they're all interconnected. She puts him back to bed and returns to her own again. Years later the twins are old enough to court. Salem is (supposed to be) dating a girl named Roxanne while Galeia chooses a boy named Fang. While he's cooking a souflé in the kitchen, Galeia starts an argument about Salem not caring about the future of the Fire Nation and making bad choices. Salem tells her that Fang is a bad choice. Their arguing ruins the soufflé and Salem tells Galeia to get out. She runs away crying.

Notes: Oy vey. I think I have a headache. Is the fandom collectively agreed "Fire Lady" is the title of the Fire Lord's wife? It just sounds kind of lame to me. I think everyone in that fanfic was OOC. But my favorite part is Kiva's insta-pregnancy. Good La! They were talking about having kids at the end of Chapter one and by the beginning of Chapter two she's eight and a half months a long.

The fact that this is a rewrite makes me wonder how terrible the first draft was. I can only guess that she was practically the same only with an evil twin judging by the hints throughout. They only thing that saved this from my worst rating is that the grammar and spelling is good.


“Did you hear that?” Salem asked his sister. The twins pulled away from the door they were leaning on.

“That man…he hurt mommy!” They both had concerned frowns chiseled onto their faces. Slowly, those frowns turned into malicious grins.

“Let’s go get Zerra!” They rushed down the hall, to where the now fully-grown cat was lounging on the Fire Lord and Fire Lady’s bed. Zerra, who had been taught various commands, was taught by the guards the command, ’Zerra, attack!’ The twins approached the cat, and she opened one eye lazily.

“Zerra, come!” The twins rushed off, and the feline sprinted after them. They halted at the doorway, where the small servant was trying to explain to the now (literally) steaming Admiral Zhao that the Fire Lord and Fire Lady would not receive him unless he had a dire situation, and that visiting the royal family was not dire at all. He was about to strike the poor girl when Galeia said the magic words.

“Zerra, attack!” The cat leapt at the Admiral, and sank her teeth into his elbow.

“OUCH! BAD CAT!” He roared, and hurled a fireball at the cat. Unknown to him, Kiva had trained Zerra herself, and she could dodge or withstand everything that was thrown at her. She dodged the flames, and dug her needle-like claws into his arm. Zerra then released her grip, but swung herself onto the man’s shoulder, and clawed at the back of his neck. He struggled to get the cat off of him, but she wasn’t finished yet. She sank her teeth into the top of his ear, released her grip, leapt off of him, and ran down the hallway with the twins on her heels. The Admiral was immediately taken into custody by the guards; Zerra had the power to mark someone as an enemy, and she had just done so by attacking him. Galeia stopped halfway down the hallway to shout a last remark at the foul man.

“AND DON’T EVER THINK ABOUT VISITING AGAIN!” And with that, she rushed to catch up with her brother.

They rounded the corner, and the two children stopped to catch their breath. They gave each other a high five.

“Yeah! Hey, nice job, Zerra!” They tickled the cat under her chin, and she purred happily. Then she took off down the hallway; she sensed someone was coming.

“What did you three do?” Zuko had emerged from his room. Salem opened his mouth to speak, but was silenced by Galeia putting a hand over his mouth.

“Just a little of this and that…right Salem?” She said, uncovering her brother’s mouth.

“Oh, yeah! Nothing special. Nothing like having Zerra attack someone and have them taken to jail, if that’s what you mean.”

“WHAT DID YOU DO!” Zuko shouted.

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Nick McAllisterdb_silverdragon on September 3rd, 2007 07:08 am (UTC)
Well, the wife of a lord typically is called a lady.

Get the hell off Zhao. Dumb cat.