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03 September 2007 @ 02:59 pm
Nineteen days left until Book 3. I had to give up my report on some "I'm the new Avatar!" fic since the Pit died on me. So I had to turn to Quizilla for today's Sue. I also took a little detour to the avatarsues journal, but still no triumphant return.

Title: The Blue Spirit's Assistant- 1, 2
Author: thefirewithinme


Full Name: Jadin
Species: Human
Hair: Blonde.
Eyes: Golden.
Unusual Markings: None mentioned.
Special Abilities: Excessively annoying.
Special Possessions: A red oni mask, a journal and a sword.

Origin: Not mentioned, but is staying with the Blue Spirit in the basement of a Fire Nation palace.
Connections to Canon: The Blue Spirit's assistant.
Jadin is spying  on a group of Earth Kingdom generals, who are talking about moving troops to different fronts. Jadin falls through the rafters, finding that the generals had already left. She quickly runs to the basement and finds the Blue Spirit busy at work. She begins to fight with him about fixing it up because it's full of slime. The Blue Spirit retorts that he isn't going to be there for long and there is no point. After some time, Jadin removes her mask and asks that the Blue do the same thing, but he just ignores her. She gets angry and goes off to write in her journal, even though she's not allowed to have one. The Blue Spirit gives her a disapproving look through his mask. Jadin is restless when she is confined to her room. She annoys the working Blue Spirit by counting out her age (fourteen), showing that isn't a kid any longer. He tells her she can go and she almosts slaps him for saying he wouldn't be surprised if she was mental. Before she can, they hear loud noises above them. The Blue Spirit tells her to go check it out. She only wants to when he insists that she take her sword with her. As she leaves, she asks him why he is smirking at her (though he hasn't taken off his mask still). The story leaves off with Jadin being surprised at something.

Notes: Boring. That's all I can really say about this story. There isn't anything particularly special about this story, which is why I give it a "Bad" rating. All Jadin does is whine, complain and argue with the Blue Spirit. There doesn't even appear to be any real plot other than "How can I annoy the Blue Spirit today?". Jadin never really seems to want the job in the first place, which makes me wonder why she's working with him at all. I think my favorite thing about this story is the fact Jadin can detect the Blue Spirit's facial expressions behind his mask.

I have to say that the worse thing about this is the first chapter. It is accompanied by some cheesey love song by Nick Lachey. Foreshadowing much?

Jadin grumbled under her breath.
"I can hear that you know" the blue spirit stated only lifting his head for a second.
"Not like it matters to you." she snapped back silently
He continued to ignore her, so she slipped away into the back corners of the basement.
It was some place she could go to be by herself and write in her journal (which the blue spirit said she couldn't have).

~Dear Journal,
Not too much going on because I keep failing ever mission I get, who knew being an assistant was so hard! Well on the bright side *sarcasm* The blue spirits ignoring me again!!! Isnt that exciting!!! What is that guys problem, I mean all he does is pretend to scare people and write all day! I mean----------

Jading turned around to see the blue spirit staring down at her.
He just folded his arms he didn't have to do anything more Jadin already knew that was the you're so busted look.
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Zillian: Would I lie to you?robot_mule on September 5th, 2007 10:14 pm (UTC)
I always had a fun plot bunny about Blue Spirit assistants. How the Blue Spirit gains so much buzz through out the Earth Kingdom it spawns its own brand of freedom fighters. Zuko would not be pleased. >___< But this is just...blah.