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01 September 2007 @ 04:55 pm

Hey there everyone. As you may have guessed, I am mutant_sues. This is my first crack at sporking and I do hope it gets better with time. So enjoy my first entry into what I hope will last for a very long time.

Title: Fire Princess Zukya

Author: Gothic Arcitc snow Wolf


Full Name: Princess Zukya

Species: Human / Firebender / Blessed Dragon Child
"black hair in a high ponytail"


Unusual Markings:
A lightning bolt shaped scar on her forehead and right cheek. A “flame scar” on her left cheek. A birthmark in the shape of a Chinese dragon on her left hand.

Special Abilities:
Is a master firebender with abilities to shoot lightning and blue, white and “dark” flames. Zukya also can apparently control lava. She is also a master in hand-to-hand combat and weapons. Can go into the “Dragon State” where she is powered up and presumably uncontrollable.

Special Possessions: A sister named Zukiea and a brother named Kuzo. Ruby earings and a dragon medallion. A hawk named Storm, a fire wolf named Lightning, and a “red fire dragon” named Comet. Armor, training outfits and a mask that looks like the Blue Spirit's... only it's red. A ship and crew. A mental connection with Zuko. A silly uncle that travels with her.

The East Fire Nation Kingdom AKA the good Fire Nation.

Connections to Canon: Though he doesn't know it yet, Zuko's betrothed.

Iroh carries Zuko from Ba Sing Se after he decides Azula is wrong. He was consequently shot in the shoulder with lightning while protecting Iroh from Azula's wrath. Iroh tends to Zuko in an abandoned building as Zuko angsts about betraying him. He eventually falls asleep. Meanwhile, in the East Fire Nation palace, the emperor sends his sixteen year-old daughter on a mission with her uncle, Yen Shi to retrieve the “heroes” of the East, Iroh and Zuko. He also explains that even if her brother completes his mission to gain back his honor, he would never get the East Fire Nation throne. She accepts the mission and goes to pack. Her sister Zukiea enters and asks to come along but Zukya tells her off, causing the little girl to run away crying. The “High General” Feng Shu insists on going with the princess, but her uncle appears and and declines for her. Zukya is greeted on her ship by the crew. She gives out their orders and dismisses them all. Zuko reminisces about when he got his scar and how he almost died when it got infected. Zukya begins to flashback about after going into the “Dragon State” and nearly dying. They both share a parallel experience in the flashback about someone singing the “Four Seasons, Four Loves” song to them and not feeling alone. When Zuko awakes, Iroh explains to him about the Eastern Fire Nation and they make a plan to go there when Zuko is healed. Zukya illustrates her power to her uncle, who tells her not to work so hard. She then excuses herself to go meditate. She has a vision where her brother is taunting her by calling her a failure. Her uncle splashes water on her and tells her that they have located Zuko. On her brother's ship, Prince Kuzo is informed of his sister's whereabouts and decides to go find her. Zukya arrives on her dragon at the abandoned house where Zuko and Iroh are hiding. As introductions are made “Zoku” shows up and attacks the group. “Zoku” tells Zukya he's better than her and that once her sister grows up, her father won't love her anymore. He retreats with his men for no real reason, leaving Zukya crying on the ground. Iroh and Zuko comfort her. She spends the night since it is getting late. At night, she and Zuko cuddle and fall asleep together.

Notes: First spork and man was it terrible. It's like someone smashed Azula and Zuko together and got this mess. The overall story was very confusing. Originally Kuzo was the uncle. Then Kuzo was the brother and then he changed into Zoku. I'll give you three guesses where Zoku/Kuzo's name comes from. I don't think I even need to mention the “Dragon State” or the East Fire Nation Kingdom.

The only thing that kept this “story” from the worst rating was the fact that most of the spelling was okay and that the grammar wasn't completely awful and could be fixed.


Abandoned house Earth Kingdome

“You’re Princess Zukya,” Zuko said.

Yes I am. Now I should explain why I’m here. My father wants you and your uncle in the east Fire nation. You are both considered hero’s.

“It would be an honor Princes Zukya,” Iroh said.

“Not so fast,” a voice suddenly said.

“Zoku. What are you doing here?”

“Restoring My honor sister.”

“Well that won’t happen.”

He then threw a punch of fire. Zukya blocked it and did a kick of white flames. Then Zuko and Iroh did fire punches. Zukya then sent lighting at him. He dodged it throwing a fireball.

“You think you have to worry about me sister. Well your wrong. You still have my guards to fight.”

Then fireguards came out of nowhere. And started attacking. They threw fire punches and did fire kicks. Zuko did a fire whip and a big fire kick. Iroh did fire punches and the breath of fire.

 Zukya did twin fire daggers. Then Zukya’s soldiers came and started attacking Zoku’s soldiers.

“Just give up sister. I’m older and more experienced. You’ll never be as good as me.”

Zukya threw a fire punch with blue flames. She did fire punches with dark flames.

“Face it sister. I’m better. I’ve always have been and always will be. Father just doesn’t relies this. But he will when he starts to notice are sister is more like mom than you and he forget all about you.”

“Stop it! Its not true!”

“Sure you say that now just wait and see. Men we’re outnumbered. Back to the ship.”

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Nick McAllister: WTFdb_silverdragon on September 2nd, 2007 02:18 am (UTC)
*eyes burn*

She's got an even worse one called 'Zuko and the wolf girl', complete with the girl having wolf powers granted by-what else?-a mystical Native American wolf spirit thing.
Mozartmozarteffect on September 2nd, 2007 03:04 am (UTC)
...Heh-heh, 'fireguard', it put a strange mental image in my head of Fire Nation soldiers running around wearing only their helmets and speedos and enforcing the safety of swimming in lava "*blows whistle* Adult swim! All kids out of the pool!"
Her Morning Elegance: Dist spinailesduchouette on September 2nd, 2007 02:47 pm (UTC)
A lightning bolt shaped scar on her forehead

She's Harry Potter?
kittytherandom on September 2nd, 2007 07:35 pm (UTC)
Lawl, it hurts my eyes. o▿x
Zillianrobot_mule on September 5th, 2007 10:07 pm (UTC)
Welcome M!

Not so welcome Sue. Ow...